Running a sale on ebay or online store?
If so, surely you know exactly how expensive it is to maintain and expand storage facilities and ensure about the availability of product.

You know how much cost to realize orders, pay for packaging, shipping and staff.
You list and receive a few dozen to several thousand FV, receipts generating accounting costs.
You employ staff to customer service and implementation of orders or You spend your time for this.

We offer you a service that lets you get rid of 90% of fixed costs and save 90% of your time. Day by day your store on ebay will get big offer and supported by large warehouse. We are Introducing the Dropshipping service. This solution enables you to offer our products without having to store the goods at home. We deal with all the warehouse, packaging and shipping the product to your customer.

How does it work?
Have listed on eBay (Buy Now) our merchandise. (you can get from us pictures and descriptions ready for auction)
When a customer buys a product, send us an email with the data in an Excel file with information tracksuit what size, color, and the customer name and shipping address.
The customer pays you for the goods and you pay by Pay Pal thanks to that the payment is with us in minutes.
We addressed and pack the goods in a secure bubble envelope and send to the client. We are responsible for delivering the goods.
Goods shipped within 24 hours of receiving the money. Orders placed before 11.00 are shipped the same day. The customer receives the goods in 2-3 days.
When we send the goods, we send to your e-mail that the packages were sent, and you can send confirmation of shipment to customers.

Our role does not end with the sale and shipment of goods. When a customer orders the wrong size, or made claims we are responsible for it. Refers to our goods and we do the exchange.
£ 6.90 Shipping price to the countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Ireland,France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic,
Price tracksuits for you is a £ 18, price for the customer set your own!

To begin with us please send us a copy of an entry in the register of economic activities and the proposal to give tax number NIP.
Documents you can send via e-mail to sport-km@o2.pl